INCLUSION- For any effective training SANDA believes that the interest of all three parties should be considered.
• The first interest is that of a learner. We prefer to interview learners and build a profile so that training becomes relevant and responsive to their needs.
• The interest of the client or the requesting company. We engage with the company representative to ascertain why they need training, what type of training do they need and how would they want us to provide it.
• The interest of a Quality Assurance Body, i.e. Sector Education and Training Authorities, so that training is registered and aligned to prescribed Unit Standards where necessary.

OPENESS – We commit ourselves in communication the progress of each activity within the process of our intervention. Communication on any possible diversion is maintained throughout the process of our intervention.

RESPONSIBILITY AND ACCOUNTABILITY – We continue to be responsible and accountable for any learning program that we provide. We do not delegate any responsibility and accountability of our training

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