-Learning Learner Support Policy
• Learners will have access to this policy via our company website and will be well versed in the support
that our company offer, however the learner must have an access to a computer.
• Our company will ensure that all the criteria included for our learner support and guidance as well as
our programme development and delivery are available equally to our learners using the Online / elearning platform.
• Learners are required to complete a Computer Pre-Assessment Literacy assessment to validate their
readiness from a computer literacy point of view. In the event learners fail this they are invited to
complete the Computer Literacy programme before proceeding with their main course.
• Access will be from our company website and each learner will be issued with a username and
password to ensure authenticity and confidentiality.
• We will ensure all learners who submit queries via the internet are assisted within a 48hour period.
• For learners who battle with understanding concepts or are at risk of not meeting the assessment
criteria we will use the following support methodologies: (a) Team Viewer / Any Desk – to show technical
queries (b) Skype – to unpack any major misunderstandings – this will be limited to a certain number of
hours as the whole reason for Online / e-learning is to limit the classroom time thus making the
programme more affordable to the learner.

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