This Program aims to afford the employees of the council the opportunity to get the Amended Senior Certificate so that they are able to enroll in different academic institutions  (University): meet the requirements of the department of labour for the purpose of the trade test and  to meet Occupational plan and successful plan of the organisation to meet requirement of employment equity act.

Amended Senior Certificate project is very unique and it requires different approach towards every other task at hand. This type of Matric is different is not like the one that students enroll for in high schools. The model for the one provided at high schools has four pillars which are Parent, learners, teacher, and the Department of Education.

Amended Senior Certificate is provided out of school environment and has an added responsibility to constantly make inquiries from the Department of Education with regards to changes in the curriculum, assistance with a subject advisory.

Employees who did not complete Grade 12, either by:

  • Failing Grade 12
  • Dropped out of school from Grade 8 and above.


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