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Accreditation Status

We have provisional accreditation with Services SETA accreditation number 9917

B-BBEE Compliance

Sanda is a legal entity and complies with the laws which govern our beautiful country. The law requires us to be B-BBEE compliant and to do business with B-BBEE companies. We are quality driven and therefore do everything to the best of our ability which is reflected in our B-BBEE score. Any organisation doing business with us does so with a company which has achieved a score of 125%, making us a Level Three Contributor to BEE. Find our certificate here.

“Sanda skills uses facilitators that know their job, whom are professional, able to attend to work issues and personal issues that we face as learners, being part of this FSP programme has taught me a lot”

Mr Phondo-FSP Construction Roadworks


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