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The improvement of quality of leaving for all South Africans has, at a larger extent been the primary focus of the Government. Sanda Skills Development cc has been one of the beneficiaries of Governments’ initiatives to improve lives through one of their Business Support Programs. Since then, we have chosen not to make a contribution to a better life for all through provision of skills and training, but to be the contribution that Municipalities can present to their communities as the solution to unemployment due to lack of skills, poor living conditions, including health conditions, due to poor service delivery.

Our draw card for the success of our business is the Municipality’s’ own Integrated Development Planning.


Sanda Skills Development (Pty) Ltd was founded by Mrs Nelisiwe Mkhize. After serving many years in one of the highly respected Sector Education and Training Authorities, she started her own training company with a view of galvanising the importance of the existence of accrediting bodies in the delivery of quality learning programs. A huge ‘gap’ existed, especially within Municipalities, wherein uneducated but experienced employees could not access training at higher levels, in turn denied the opportunities of being promoted. Municipalities also experienced problem of unemployed youth who end up consuming drugs and engaging in crime.

Sanda Skills Development (Pty) Ltd focuses in interpreting each Municipality’s Integrated Development Planning and assist those Municipalities in identifying training programs for lower level of staff.


Learning Programmes

Our uniqueness is in our approach to training and skills development as a whole. We have established and invested our resources into developing our own capacity in the provision of basic learning through Foundation Skills Program and Foundation of Learnership program.

In organisations where training is perceived as a privilege for the few who have a sound knowledge of higher education, employees, including individuals in communities, who have very little, informal, or no education at all, can now access learning of their choice through our skills or Learnership-specific foundation program.

Unlike traditionally known Adult Education and Training, our FSP is not only customised, but it is further aligned to other technical skills programs which the business unit has identified as necessary for the execution of the tasks that are a core-function for that business.

We at SANDA always work towards becoming partners with our clients by assisting them in development and planning of their succession planning.


  • Better understanding of own environment (client’s) through findings and recommendations from a research process conducted by our company.
  • Direct address of identified training needs through customized learning program that we provide.
  • Increased inclusion of workplace, and control to its training through the involvement of technical specialists, or line supervisors.
  • Faster progression since our assessment preference is that of assessment of portfolios of evidence instead of writing examinations, which we believe is a traditional method of assessment and it delays learner’s progressions.
  • Immediate returns on client’s time and financial investments through promotion of employees who have been through our learning program, in great confidence since their own line supervisors will be part of progress monitoring team.

“I am a team leader in my depot and therefore we are required to attend meetings, before they use to exclude me in decision making, I could not speak English, but ever since I started with SANDA skills AET programme I have confidence and able to speak, read, write English and it has made my work so easy”

Nazi Dube-General Adult Education Training


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